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It's a man- (and his desk) on-the-street view of the economic crisis when Julian opens for business as an "open air admin assistant" in the heart of downtown.  Envisioned as an indictment of the corporate world, the gig is soon too successful to let it go. 


Before securing distribution, this short comedy by writer/director Matt Judge (who also served as editor, sound designer and composer) won awards and hearts at film festivals across North America, earning mention in the New York Times.  

I Work In Public (2009)  Comedy  5min
Written, Directed & Edited by Matt Judge
Cast: Julian Osen, Kim Zayac, Mackenzie Lush, Steve Mitchell, Daniel Krolik
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Braze f. Shad: Shook (2006)  Music Video  5min
Director, DP, Editor & Production Design Matt Judge

An early entry in the retro-DIY aesthetic of the late 2000s, this comical promo for Braze's culture-spanning producer-focused album, Supremacy, trades on a sweet desi-tinged beat and the quick wit & easy flow of Shad Kabango (now host of Netflix's Hip-Hop Evolution).


For years, this rough SD version was the only copy in existence.  But a recently resurrected drive means work is under way for a fully restored special edition. 

Check out the progress below.


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